This Wednesday, MIT and Tie-Boston are hosting The 140-Character Mission: Social Media & Entrepreneurship event.  I was going to be presenting live via video but the time difference is just too much.  Instead, I’m going to be presenting by proxy: the wonderful and talented John Haydon will be walking you through my slides.

About the event:

Already Twitter, Facebook, and the rest are revolutionizing the business and marketing of social impact.  Every day, it seems, another grassroots effort testifies to these platforms and their ability to spread a message to thousands, even millions.  Followers become funders, messages become movements, and social networks beget social change.  (They can even help elect a new president.)

On Wednesday, April 8th, we are convening a panel of experts and high-impact entrepreneurs at MIT to ask, How does the speed and reach of social media alter the formulas for successful social impact?  What happens when marketing evolves from broadcast to conversation, fundraising changes from large donors to e-microdonations, or collaboration moves from sweaty basements to vast social networks?
You can be part of the conversation!
Here are my slides:
I’ll post more notes about the case studies and tools as well after the event.
Twitter for Nonprofits: Presentation for the 140-Character Mission event
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  • Elana

    Thanks Amy – good preso. I like that it’s short on extraneous slides but boiled down to very clear, applicable essentials. I look forward to seeing the case studies posted in more detail.

    -Nonprofit tweeter Elana (@wellstoneaction for my NP; @e_lana is just me)

  • Nice 🙂 Thanks for sharing that – I didn’t realise it was even happening.. Will definitely make sure I keep an eye out for it 😉

    Look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!

  • Thanks, Elana-

    I try to keep things pretty efficient 🙂 I’ve already got Wellstone on my list and will be sure you’re on there, too. Hope you’ll be able to catch some of the event’s conversation on Twitter tomorrow. What’s been the most interesting lesson you’ve learned behind an organizational Twitter account?

    Will get the case study info up after the event.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Farhan- Thanks for checking it out. I hope you’ll be able to catch some of the event conversation and highlights on Twitter, though the event is quite late at night for us. That’s what is for, though, right? 🙂

    See you at London Net Tuesday tonight!

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