Edward Harran is a blogger and nonprofit technologist I have connected with through NetSquared, this blog, and of course Twitter.  He and I have had terrific idea swaps and brainstorms and I can only imagine the conversations he will spark in person at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference.  Below is the blog post from him, calling for help.  He is based in Australia, a far way from San Francisco.  He received a NTEN scholarship to cover his registration cost but that’s it—he still needs to get there.  Every little bit helps…well, you can read that in his words, not mine.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So here I am. I need your help.

I was recently awarded a scholarship to attend the NTEN (Non Profit Technology Network) Conference in San Franciscio, which is going to be held from April 26th-28th, 2009. Thanks to Convio and NTEN, the scholarship fund has generously covered the fees for 57 delegates to attend. Unfortunately, the scholarship did not include any air miles. Thus, I was left with two options: one, to let the award go; or two, put my creative brain to use and launch a campaign to raise the funds. As you can see, I chose the latter.

Who am I?

My name is Edward Harran. I am a digital and social media strategist from Brisbane, Australia. I am passionate in how digital technology and social media can be used as a force for good. Having attended ConnectingUp08 and MakingLinks08 ( two of Australia’s largest non-profit technology conferences), I want to build on what I learnt and share those ideas with others. I honestly want to make a difference in this world – this is the way I believe I can do it.

When is the NTEN Conference?

The 2009 Nonprofit Technology conference is taking place from April 26th to April 28th at the San Franciscio, Hilton. As NTEN states on their site,

The NTC is THE place to engage around the technology issues that face the nonprofit sector. Nearly 1200 people will come together from across the country and around the world to connect with our peers, learn from our heroes, and change the world.While it’s unclear what the future holds, one thing is certain: the need for our services will be greater than we’ve ever known.  Now, more than ever, nonprofits need to invest in technology to create efficiencies that increase our effectiveness.

How I need your help?

With the assistance of the scholarship, I got a place booked at NTEN09 Conference. Unfortunately, I need a flight to get there. With the help of @lexiphanic and others, I have been investigating flights and luckily for me, Qantas and VAustralia have flights from under $1000AUS. Other flights range up to $1400AUS.

I am looking for small donations – between $5 or $10 if you can – from my network of family, friends and supporters. Any excess funds I will donating to Edurelief – a Mongolian non-profit that I have been in long support of.


This is happy me. I will be even happier with your support.



– I will be representing Volunteering Queensland at NTEN09. Volunteering Queensland (VQ) is one of largest volunteer bodies in Queensland, Australia. I plan to use knowledge and networks from NTEN09 to help VQ with their online and technology strategy.

-I am passionate about using the digital space to make a difference in the world. Full stop.

-I am natural maven – I want to share the knowledge and ideas from NTEN09 with other people and organisations in Australian and overseas. I have a large network that could benefit from my knowledge. I am also a big supporter of Edurelief, NetSquared, SocialActions, ConnectingUp- organisations tthat are are showing how social action and technology converge.


Essentially as soon as I can get it. Holly Ross (@ntenross), Director of NTEN, graciously offered to hold the place for me.The sooner I can raise the funds, the sooner I can book the flight and secure my place.


1. You can donate online here through Chipin, an online donation web application linked with Paypal. (Recommended by @kanter). Please click on the widget below if you can donate.

2. Forward this link onto your friends any way you can.

3. If you are on twitter, a RT would be greatly appericated.

(Thanks to KateFoy (@dramagirl) for sparking the idea of a ‘long-tail’ fundraising campaign in my head.)

Digital For Good Campaign: Help Eddie get to NTEN Conference in San Fran
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