Jamie Burke is hosting the Female Social Media Guru UK Awards as an opportunity to “challenge the current under-representation of females on event panels by offering a high profile platform for women.” I’m very honored to be among some rock stars on the ballot – you can check it out and vote here!

I just returned from the South By South West Interactive conference in Austin, TX, where I attended a panel that asked if Women on the Web had more opportunities than in a more traditional work environment.  My notes, unfortnately, were eaten by that same Web (in publishing them they were erased by a bad wifi connection), but the major take-aways for me were additional questions, like:

  • What are the differences (or are there any, etc.) between women and other non-privileged groups on the Web?
  • How do those differences impact opportunities and voices online?
  • How do opportunities, successes, connections and authority online translate into offline opportunities and successes?
  • What cultural shifts need to take place offline in order to provide non-privileged groups earlier access, interest, and opportunity in technology-related fields?

I’d love to hear some of your thoughts about those questions or others!

You can vote for the Female Social Media Guru UK Awards here!

Vote for the Female Social Media Guru UK Awards 2009
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