alltopAlltop, the “online magazine rack” of popular topics, has just released the option for users to create their own Alltops!  As readers of this blog, you’ve probably come across Alltop before, either from the link in the side bar or by visiting  I’m really excited about the personal pages on Alltop – so much so that I created mine and want to share it with you!

Visit my Alltop page here!

I’ve combined some of my favorite RSS feeds from the NPTech community, Social Entrepreneurship sector, and Philanthropy news.  Obviously there are many more blogs and news sources that could be included, but I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone right away.

I’d love to hear the blogs you recommend get added to the Alltop page, so it can function as the ultimate blogroll for this community.  Just leave a comment with your recommendations and I’ll add it!

Why am I using Alltop?  I think it’s a great way to poll together the most recent posts from blogs and new sources around the web in a customizeable and shareable way.  It’s an experiment and I hope you’ll join me!

Visit the Alltop page and let me know your recommendations!

AllTop: My new blogroll
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