From Mark Hayward of Train for Humanity:

After redesigning the Train for Humanity website we are now ready to launch into phase two of our humanitarian project. The initial phase of Train for Humanity ran for four months from September to December 2008.

Phase two will run for six months from March to August 2009 and we are asking potential participants to make a commitment to raising at least one thousand dollars.

All funds from phase two will go directly toward supporting the Darfur Peace & Development Organization’s (DPDO) school project. DPDO supports the operation of fifteen elementary schools in North Darfur and they are responsible for teacher salaries and providing classroom supplies (Total Enrollment: 8300 students; Teachers: 160 plus 56 support staff).

Since the genocide started, there have been an estimated 300,000 deaths of innocent men, women, and children and over two million persons displaced.

Want to learn more and get involved?

Train for Humanity is looking for new participants!
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