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This month’s Net2 Think Tank question was, “What do you think will be the big changes, new technologies, hot applications, or successful campaigns of 2009?” We had a great collection of contributions this month.  Take a look at the posts below—many great conversation starters to get you thinking and buzzing about what 2009 will bring.

Check out the predictions for 2009 from NetSquared community members:

  • Channing’s predictions cover a wide range of areas from cell phones saving lives to our boards going online. There are even predictions for the hottest job skills in 2009. Read more.
  • Joe Edelman explains how mobile phones can fix the broken economy in his mobile manifesto.  Read more.
  • Britt Bravo thinks iPhone apps for nonprofits will be coming soon – and she even pulls together all kinds of examples of what’s out there now.  Read more.
  • Ethan says in 2009 people will begin to collaborate online to build things other than content, but that it’ll just be the beginning.  Read more.
  • John Dukovich predicts that 2009 will be the year of online collaboration for nonprofits, whether it’s with free tools or expensive ones, and warns that nonprofits will need to gauge their needs before choosing the tools.  Read more.

Thanks to everyone who contributed this month! You can share your ideas about technology in 2009 on the NetSquared blog or watch for next month’s Net2 Think Tank to be announced (Feb. 5th).

January Net2 Think Tank: Predictions for 2009
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