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How should managers and staff plan for an executive transition at their nonprofit? How would you define capacity building? What is ongoing learning for an organization?

Do you know the answers to these common nonprofit questions?  Third Sector New England wants to be sure you can find the answers, to those three questions and many more, in a way that’s engaging than searching and reading.  How?

Third Sector New England’s Video FAQ

Thanks to the work of Denise Moorehead of Third Sector New England, the distinguished videographer Steve Garfield, and Deborah Elizabeth Finn, a growing number of videos are collected on TSNE’s Strategic Communications Blog.  As Deborah explains, “We’ve put together a number of short segments in which TSNE’s mavens respond to frequently asked questions about topics such as finance, human resources, program evaluation, diversity, and fiscal sponsorship for nonprofits.”

The plan is to move these videos off the blog and into a web-based video reference tool that nonprofit managers and staff could access as needed.  Deborah says she’s hoping, “that we’ll eventually be able to add Seesmic to the mix, so that nonprofit professionals can use their web cameras to add comments and follow-up questions, thus sparking a real exchange of knowledge.”

Check out Third Sector New England’s Strategic Communications Blog to find videos on the questions above and many more.

Third Sector New England Provides Answers via Video
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  • Dear Amy:

    Thanks for this excellent article about the TSNE nonprofit management video FAQ project!

    I just need to offer one clarification: the idea about adding Seesmic to the mix is a pipe dream of mine. I come up with a lot of ideas, and every so often a few of them are congruent with Third Sector New England’s mission, strategy, and tactics. The jury is still out on whether a threaded, asynchronous, audio-video discussion has a place in this project!


    Many thanks and warm regards from Deborah

    Deborah Elizabeth Finn
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  • Thanks for making the clarification, Deborah! I’m really excited about where this project can go because I think that the most useful resources for nonprofit leaders are those that make learning and accessing knowledge easily digestible – and that’s why video is so great!

    Keep us posted on TSNE’s progress developing the FAQ project; looking forward to it.