Social Actions is a nonprofit initiative that helps you find and share opportunities to change the world.  I have been working closely with the team for quite a while now because I think that versatile connections online are the only way for independent platforms to really be successful. Peter Deitz is the man behind Social Actions and here’s is how the $20.09 fundraising campaign started:

For the last 2.5 years, I have been working extremely hard to build an organization from scratch that makes it really easy for people to find and share opportunities to make a difference.

The organization, now called Social Actions, has experienced a tremendous boost in the last twelve months. I started 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa with the simple goal of working fulltime on Social Actions by July 1st.

To reach that goal, I pulled together a talented team, attracted some financial resources, and logged thousands of virtual and real world miles spreading my vision for the micro-philanthropy sector.

Remarkably, my efforts have paid off. Social Actions is now an initiative with six team members, 34 organizational partners, 100s of supporters, and a substantial list of accomplishments to its name.

Last week, from my home office in Montreal, Canada, I wrote up 9 ambitious goals for 2009.

Social Actions can meet and exceed all 9 goals, but we need roughly $12k / month to make it happen.

My team is actively pursuing foundation grants, event sponsorships, individual monthly donations and consulting services. Our efforts in these income-generating areas should start to prove themselves by February or March of 2009.

In the meantime, we are asking for individual one-time donations to cover our costs through 02/02/2009. Between now and then, we estimate our financial expenses at $20,009.

So, I gave $20.09 and you can, too! After donating, Peter emailed me to ask if I would provide a statement about why I donated to support Social Actions.  Here’s what I said:

“Social Actions is a place where I find ways to contribute to the global process of making this world better. It’s the place where I have a say in how we can make a platform and a tool that helps more people find ways to change the world, too. I’m happy to be part of the extended Social Actions family; but I’m most happy to be a supporter and a user. Go Social Actions!”

You can see what others have said about their donations to support Social Actions on the SA site here.

You can read more about the 9 goals for Social Actions in 2009 here, which include scale, translate, report, change, measure, standardize, collaborate, lead, and inspire.

Use the widget below to donate to support Social Actions in 2009, or click on the ‘share’ link in the lower right corner to put the widget on your blog, website, etc.


Why I gave $20.09