Manny Hernandez, from Tu Diabetes, has posted his list of 10 tips for social media use by nonprofit organizations.

Don’t know Tu Diabetes?

Manny is the man behind this growing community creating opportunity for individuals with diabetes (themselves, in their families, or beyond) to connect, answer each other’s questions, and generally share with one another about life with diabetes.

His top 10 list includes everything from social networks to online fundraising.  Check it out!

My favorite part?  “1)  Join NetSquared” of course!

10 Tips from Tu Diabetes
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  • Ross McCulloch:

    Thanks for sharing Manny’s list, I’d add using forums to the list. OK they’re not very web2.0 but they’re still a great place to learn, debate and connect. I think non-profits have seriously under utilised forums, we’re hoping to change all that over at

    It would be good if you could let us know what you think of them (go easy though we’re still in beta!)

  • Hi Ross-

    Thanks for chipping in! Forums can be cross-generational in my opinion, that is, web 1.0 and 2.0. I agree that some organizations have under utilized forums but I would say that what has happened most, is that organizations have underestimated the value of collaborating around shared forums with other organizations in the same sector or providing complimentary services, etc. Each org does NOT need to have a forum set up on their website. That would only further the silo-ing of information. But, if organizations created and collaborated to form forums around a certain area – like early education, with groups that provide support to parents, orgs that work on intervention and learning skills, orgs working on early diagnosis of mental health and learning disabilities, etc. – they could really create a valuable space for their shared community.

    I’ll check out the Third Sector Forums, too!