Whether your candidate won or not on Tuesday, we can all be happy to be rid of campaign commercials, right?  Since the campaigns are still so fresh in our memory, I wanted to use it for this month’s Net2 Think Tank question.


What was the best example or lesson learned about leveraging social media from the political campaigns this year?  We saw candidates speaking to citizens through various mechanisms, but we also know that candidates have a lot more money than most of our nonprofit organizations (even if the tools are free, staffing and strategy development isn’t).  What social media tools, tricks, and strategies were employed that could be used successfully with nonprofits?

Here are a couple links from the applications themselves in case you didn’t see them:


Saturday, November 22nd
(The round-up will be posted on Monday the 24th.)

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Thanks again to everyone who participated last month.  I’m really looking forward to your ideas and insights this month and think we have a lot of examples to choose from.  Be sure to send me the link to your post by Saturday, the 22nd!

The Net2 ThinkTank roundup will be posted on the NetSquared site on Monday, November 24th.

Net2ThinkTank: Lessons from the campaigns
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