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chain reaction conference logo“None of us on our own can change the world, not governments, not businesses, not charities. We succeed when we work together.” That’s the premise of Chain Reaction, an event that brings together social leaders, community activists, policy makers, business leaders, young people and people like you from around the globe to share learning and to generate new ideas for social change, locally, nationally and globally.

What’s Chain Reaction?

Chain reaction, taking place in London, UK, promises to be a unique experience, convening space for a multitude of potential collaboration and creativity. How do you want to change the world?

At Chain Reaction you will meet people from all walks of life, who are saying “we can build a better world”, shaping new ways of living and working and inspiring others through their ideas and their actions. Chain Reaction is the place to learn about HOW social change happens, and to get involved in developing new and exciting projects.

The two-day event will include key note speeches, workshop sessions, and open spaces to ensure everyone has a chance to connect and to be inspried (not to mention to inspire others)! You can check out the program to see what sessions interest you.


I will be at Chain Reaction and will be posting about the event throughout the two days right here on the NetSquared blog. Want to join me?

Chain Reaction: Social change conference in London
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