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In the U.S., today is election day. This is your reminder from NetSquared to make your voice heard by voting today and helping get others to do the same.

This year, we have seen social media leveraged within candidate campaigns like never before.  We even posted about some of the tools and strategies being used – you can read that post here.

One tool that has really seen a lot of press and interest lately is the Twitter Vote Report: “a non-partisan, all-volunteer network of software developers, designers, and other collaborators have teamed up with the award-winning blog techPresident to launch this effort.  The only resources contributed to this project are the participants’ time and expertise!”

Millions of Americans will be voting this Election Day. Many of these voters will have terrific experiences and we’d love to hear about those.  But many voters will experience voting problems that we have been hearing about for years: long lines, broken machines, and registered voters who can’t vote because their names aren’t showing up on the registration rolls.

Using Twitter Vote Report, voters will be able to share their experiences and resources with one another (e.g. “#wait:120″ meaning that the wait time is 120 minutes). These messages will then be aggregated and mapped so that we can “see” voting problems around the country in real-time.

This election cycle has seen, as usual, some ups and downs but the new ways of engaging with supporters and energizing voters via social media are worth paying attention to and learning from.  It’s been a long time coming, though – so get out and vote!

How are you, or is your organization, engaging in get out the vote efforts?  Are you using social media in your efforts?  We’d love to hear from you, just comment on the NetSquared blog here!

Election Day Reminder: Go Vote!
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