These are my links for October 29th through October 30th:

  • 43 Folders Series: Inbox Zero | 43 Folders – Looking to reach inbox nirvana? Here is a great series full of tips, tricks, ideas, and reminders about controlling the inbox, and not letting the inbox control us.
  • digital mentor wiki – I'm planning to participate with some new friends here in the UK on the digital mentor project; check it out and join in!
  • “Managing” Your Brand in Social Media – This is an issue many organization fear, and that holds them back from participating in the online space with their communities. Learn from some greats (Sarah Durham and Farra Trompeter, Big Duck) about managing your organization's identity in social media. I'm sure that they will offer, as always, some very fun case studies, too!
  • WeAreMedia: Social Networks – Build the Nonprofit Social Media Tool Box – Come on all you social media experts and nonprofit organizations trying these tools, what can you add to the mix?
  • Idealware: New article:- The Basics of Email Metrics – Good read from Idealware "covering what email data you might want to track, where to get it, how to make sense of it in calculated metrics, and modifications to improve your results."
Great reads from October 29th through October 30th
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