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  • What type of blog should your nonprofit write? – Kivi does a great job, as usual, of putting together a great post to help you as your organization begins blogging.
  • New Research: Consumers Like Social Media Marketing – "New data from a survey of 1,092 consumers by Opinion Research Corporation found that 85% of social media users thought companies should interact with them through social media. This is strong validation for social media marketing. Consumers, tired of being shouted at, are ok with properly managed social media marketing campaigns like those we do for our clients."
  • Top-12 Nonprofit Facebook Applications – Great explanations and run-downs of the major applications in use on Facebook.
  • Seth’s Blog: In Defense of Raising Money: a Manifesto for NonProfit CEOs – "You’re devoting your life, your spirit, your energy, your faith into making the vision you have of a better future into a reality. So why are you so scared to ask people for money?"
  • Remember the Milk – Organize your work the way you want, get all the reminders you need, and check things off your list! You can use it by yourself, with your team, or even with the world.
  • tweet4good: Donate and fundraise using Twitter – Donating to a nonprofit or even a cause is as simple as your other 140 character messages! You can also use this as a nonprofit organization in your online fundraising work.
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