These are my links for October 22nd from 10:08 to 14:35:

  • Reverse Mentoring and Other Thoughts on Millennials and Organizations … – Allison Fine reflects on her experience and conversations at the Leadership Summit: Creativity and Innovation 2008 in DC – I love that she points to the opportunity in so many organizations for reverse mentoring, or for the younger staff members to 'mentor' older staff with new media tools to help ease adoption and learning curves. I have talked about it before, and have had many offline conversations with many of you about this already, so I know you agree that the opportunity is a great one to capitalize on!
  • Forging Ahead — Social Edge – Just became the MOST READ nonprofit blog. "Kjerstin Erickson was 20 when she launched FORGE. She didn’t have a business plan. She didn’t have a revenue model. She didn’t have connections. And she didn’t have a penny. But she now works in three refugee camps in Zambia, helping 60,000 refugees build better lives. This is her story."
  • SYFAB’s Digital Makeover update – Danny provides a new update on where the digital makeover project is at with South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau. I've been following the Digital Makeover project on my blog and posting responses to their progress and ideas. This time, I just left a comment 🙂
  • Social Actions & Peer-to-Peer Social Change FriendFeed Room – A place to share news, campaigns, sites, and others resources in the growing and exciting world of peer-to-peer social change. Originally created for the Net Tuesday October 2008 theme.
  • Google Open Source Blog: Android: The Open Source Cell Phone – Exciting news for the Open Source world and for mobile technologies – looking forward to a chance (when?) to play with one!
  • Government 2.0 – Best Practices / FrontPage – Created by a social marketer in Canada, this wiki plans to capture the best practices and examples of government engaging with social media in Canada, US and beyond – in its first week online it had over 5,000 views!
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