It’s time again for the Net2 ThinkTank!  Here’s a question for everyone to think about, blog about, and discuss.  Thanks to Marie Deatherage for helping with it, too!

What are the key questions nonprofit orgs should ask to help them determine how to prioritize social media training and experimentation as they do their technology and organization-strengthening planning?

Saturday, October 18th

How to contribute:

  1. Blog your answer to the question either on your blog or the NetSquared blog. (For directions on contributing to the NetSquared blog, click here)
  2. Tag your blog with net2thinktank
  3. Send me the link to your post! (You can leave a comment here, on the NetSquared site, email me, etc.)

Thank so much ahead of time!  I’m really looking forward to your answers and insights.  Be sure to send me the link to your post by next Saturday so that I can be sure it is included in the roundup on Monday, October 20th.

The Net2 ThinkTank roundup will be posted on the NetSquared site on Monday, October 20th

Net2 ThinkTank time again!
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