Allyson Kapin avatarAllyson Kapin, the president of the Rad Campaign as well as a friend of mine and many from launching Women Who Tech, deserves a big CONGRATULATIONS!  This earlier this month she joined the team at as a blogger for Radical TechYou can read her blog posts here.

Here’s an excerpt from her first post about how the web 2.0 community came together to develop

When Hurricane Gustav threatened to crash into New Orleans and bring more destruction to the city that never recovered from Hurricane Katrina, Andy Carvin, a social media strategist for National Public Radio, used his Web 2.0 savvy skills to take action and start the websites and The sites serve as an information aggregator for the latest information on hurricanes threatening the US and provide an easy way for volunteers to connect with communities.

“I thought we needed something that could connect the dots,” said Carvin. Once Carvin developed the idea he put up the “Bat Signal” and friends and volunteers including Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigs List and Deanna Zandt, a media technologist for progressive and grassroots activist organizations pitched in to help. Newmark helped promote the site while Zandt spearheaded the development of the wiki.  Read more…

I’m looking forward to Allyson’s weekly posts and seeing what the conversations and community are like on the Fast Company site.  Find Allyson’s Radical Tech blog here.  Congrats again!

Congrats Allyson, Joining FastCompany Blog!
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  • Thanks for all of the kind words Amy!