Today is the one-month-left mark for our time in the US, so I figured it was a perfect moment to stop and let everyone in on the plans: London, here we come!

Why London?
Max, that cute guy in the picture with the dog, (also known as my partner/husband/corroborator) is headed back to school in London this Fall, and I’m super excited about the opportunity to become part of the UK nptech community. We move in one month and are pretty excited. We are surrounded by lists and reminder notes scribbled on scraps of paper, all in anticipation of forgetting many things. 🙂

What changes?
I don’t plan on too much changing, well, aside from a boom in Indian food consumption! This blog will keep on going, pretty much the way it does now (though I apologize for the decrease in posts lately, blame it on the list-making). There will be more commentary on UK-organizations, tools, or case studies, but I think it will provide a great opportunity to have a conversation about what is the same/different and how organizations are making social media work for them across borders. I’m really looking forward to learning a great deal, and sharing it all with you!

What to do?
I am still investigating options for where to work. I am very excited to be part of an effort to build out the nptech community on and offline in the UK and am very excited to put my community building experiences to work over there. I will be speaking on Sept 25th at the London Fundraising Summit about online fundraising, so if you are going to be there (or are a Londoner), please let me know!

That’s the story! We have visited London before, and have a few friends who live there now. I’d certainly love any recommendations you have, whether they are for restaurants, events, insider-knowledge, or even jobs! 🙂

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Breaking the news: I’m moving to London!
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  • Aha! So that’s it! So exciting!!!! I know a couple of Londoners so I will just put the word around that if they know of any nptech jobs to pass the word back along! I don’t reckon they will, but you can never spread the net too far. 🙂

    So exciting! Congrats!

    – erin

  • Congrats! Good luck. Maybe we can have Tea in October, I’ll be there on my way back from Amsterdam.

  • Thanks so much, Beth and Erin! I’m looking forward to sharing and learning and exploring – and keeping you all posted on it all, too!

  • Congrats! Great news! I look forward to living the life of a Brit vicariously through you!


  • Welcome Amy, I’m sure the UK nptech community will be better off thanks to your contribution! Anything you ever need in terms of tips etc when it comes to living here, just drop me an email

  • Hi Amy

    I am not exactly a Londoner, but if you happen to pass through Denmark sometime during your stay (a 1-2 hour flight from London) I’ll be happy to show you around 🙂


  • We’re nearly ready with the nptechuk red carpet. Till September 🙂

  • Sounds wonderful, Steve! Thank you for your warm welcome!