The BlogHer session on Using Second Life for Good takes place this afternoon live in the BlogHer Second Life conference area.  You don’t have to be in SL to participate though!  Just watch here for the live blogging from CoverItLive by clicking on the link below.  This will allow you to see the minute by minute updates as well as comment or ask questions.  I hope you’ll follow along!

Click here to read and participate in the live blogging (and for the archive)!

Liveblogging from BlogHer in Second Life: Using SL for Good
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  • Thanks again for live blogging this event! I went looking for your blog to link to my blog post and the transcript, and noticed you were also from the Portland Oregon area! There are so many great people in this area who are involved in blogging, social networks and social good. It makes me proud to be an Oregonian.:)

  • Thanks, Jennifer! It was my pleasure, really. I was excited to be part of it and to offer something to the community. I appreciate being asked and look forward to more collaborations in the future.