I have talked about blogging and micro-blogging before, but what about blogging without a blog?

Posterous is a new tool that let’s you do just that! All you need is email, and I’d put money on the fact that you all have email already! All you need to do is send an email to post@posterous.com and you’ve just posted to your blog!

The subject line of your email is the post title. The message body is the post content. You can even send pictures, audio or video attachments to be posted as well! “If you can use email, you can have your own website to share thoughts and media with friends, family and the world.”

If you send in multiple photos, they’ll automatically make a photo gallery for you. If you send in a link, they will make it an active link; unless it’s a link to a video or photo or some other media, when they embed the video for you so readers don’t have to click to see it. And much more!

I just did it myself. It REALLY is just as easy as it sounds. All I did was send an email. But, it was fun so I did it twice. 🙂 You can see it here!

If you want to try it out, just send an email to post@posterous.com! You can check Posterous out on the web, too; here are the FAQs.

With tools like this that narrow the adoption requirements for blogging and social media use, do you see the culture change or organizational use changing?

Posterous is blogging with emails!
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  • Thanks for this post. I’m trying it now! I want to blog about my work as acting director at my org, for our board. I’ll let you know if this works!

  • Great, Meg! I’d love to hear how it goes for you – keep us posted!

    I think it would be a great way to blog about your work because it wouldn’t require any additional web work to add a blog to the org’s site since it would all be hosted on the posterous site but would also allow you the flexibility to post from anywhere with internet just by sending in the email (so you just have to format it or whatever in your email and not learn any knew programs)!

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  • I started playing with Posterous over the weekend and agree that it has a lot of potential for people and orgs that are looking for a sort of “bridge” blog technology. The other advantage of their easy and well-thought out email interface is that you could also post via cell phone, which is great for on the fly kinds of posts. I see a lot of possibilities with Posterous!

  • Me too, Michele! I think it is a great way for people more fearful or less connected to technology and social media to jump into blogging and sharing online. There is really a lot that people could do with the tool and I’m glad it is such a clean process (less barriers to adoption).

  • SUPER COOL! thanks for sharing, Amy! I LOVE the clean web design and the simplicity. If they can scale quickly enough for all the traffic they’re going to get this one will be BIG!

    Everytime I VOW not to be impressed with new technology for it’s own sake, something like Posterous comes along. What does it mean anyway? Did they drop the Pre = absurd?


  • Thanks – So glad to share! I got my friend and my mom hooked on it over the weekend, too!
    It’s hard to not get excited about tools that really seem to be a missing link, or an easy fix, etc.

    Plus, my experiences with the Posterous staff so far have been wonderful! They are really quick with answers and comments.

    I don’t know where the name came from though!

  • I find myself wanting to use posterous because it’s just so cool, but I can’t figure out how!

  • Thank you for the email! My comment was unclear – I actually meant, I can’t think of a use for it. It’s a brilliant nifty tool, but I can’t think of a way to use it in my own life. What exactly does an easily-posted-to supplementary blog do for me? However simple the posting is.

  • Hey Alanna- Like with any new tool, it’s important to evaluate your needs and if the tool really fits in to your strategy or not. Coolness doesn’t get to be a decider 🙂

    Personally, I plan to use posterous as a personal blog, where I can tell a story and post photos from a trip for friends and family to follow. That is because I already have this blog, don’t want to mix the two kinds of posts, and want family and friends to have an easy way to follow along with our adventures (the text + photos + videos, aspect, etc.). Many bloggers already have a professional and a personal space though, and posterous may be something they think is cool, and can recommend to others or follow its developments, but not actually adopt themselves.

    Keep us posted on what you do!