Did you ever visit a teacher during their “office hours”— when they were prepping for class but available for questions, ideas, conversations, etc.? I did, on a few occasions, and it really changed my perception and relationship with those teachers away from traditional and hierarchical towards a friend, peer, ‘real person.’ When it comes to technology or new media questions, many people are intimidated to jump in the conversation and be THAT person who asks the ‘dumb’ question.

Well, just like using office hours in school, where no question is dumb and real friendships are made, NTEN is offering virtual office hours for your technology needs!

I operate online office hours during the day for my employer and have enjoyed the questions and opportunity to share ideas and help. I have encountered things from using a tool to conducting a video contest. It’s been a treat!

You can drop by an office hour that fits your question area and get real-time answers. Check out the schedule!

Let me know if you have questions, comments, ideas, or anything else – this blog is kind of like a 24/7 office hour, too!

Office hours
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