After over two weeks of wonderful vacation without internet access, it seems there is much I missed!  Here is a quick list of some things to check out.  Let me know what I left off!

  • Yahoo! Green Award
    Yahoo! is looking for innovative “green mashups” that will inspire people to use social technology to help the environment. Yahoo! will review the project submissions included in the “Environment” Cause Area of the Project Gallery on the NetSquared web site. Following the NetSquared Conference (N2Y3), Yahoo! will make their final selection.  For more information go to:
  • More talk about Twitter
    Here is a BusinessWeek article about Why Twitter Matters – Be sure to check out the slide show (link at end of article) for more great commentary.
  • Get with open source
    The Nonprofit Open Source Initiative has a great webinar coming up about choosing and using FOSS (free, open source software).  More information is available on their site; you can register with NTEN.
  • Collaboration gets rewarded
    The $250,000 Collaboration Prize from the Lodestar Foundation will reward collaboration between two or more nonprofit organizations working together on the same issue/project.  “The Prize also seeks to build an information base of effective practice models that can be studied and used by academics, nonprofit leaders and grantmakers to inspire and advance their work.”  You can find out more from their site.
  • Myanmar and GIS
    I love seeing Google Earth and mapping technologies at work, and thanks to Brett for pointing me (in my backlog/overwhelming state of emails and RSS) to Direct Relief International’s layer in Google Earth.  Check it out.

I’m sure there is so much else to add to this list.  Leave a comment with everything I missed!

Catching up
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  • Interesting question, and, as a heretofore lurker, I would offer that responding to comments and commenters online could be helpful to blog readers. The blog in enriched by the readers’ comments, and we’d like to be in on the resulting conversations.

    I wouldn’t want you to have to answer twice, though, and I wonder if your frequent commenters would object to the new format?

  • Thanks for weighing in, Jeanine!

    I think you are absolutely right – I have been participating in great and meaningful conversations with commenters off of the blog. But that enriching conversation that has been closed to the commenter and myself could be much more enriched and exciting by keeping it open. I am looking forward to keeping conversations going on the blog AND email from now on.