Wednesday is Blog Reader Appreciation Day (thanks to Michele and Beth for starting and broadening this great day!). I’d like to take a moment to share how much I appreciate you all, my readers.

I really enjoy the diversity of experiences and opinions that you all have. The blog is made better by the sharing of your thoughts and ideas in the comments. I try to provide information and my ideas, but that’s pretty lonely—your ideas and comments really help round out the conversations here.

It is so fun for me to get to hear back from you about experiences adopting technology in your organization, brainstorming about specific projects, or have an opportunity to answer or ask helpful and interesting questions. Please keep your great examples coming – your experiences are the useful case studies that help others!

It has been my pleasure to build the relationships with you that I have and I am so looking forward to building more! I would love to hear from you about what you are working on, what you are thinking about, and if there is ever anything I could help with!

Thank you all for being such great readers—but really, for being more than readers. Thank you for being participants, and engagers, and conversationalists, and enthusiasts for technology in the nonprofit sector! And especially for sharing in this learning with me!

[photo by jaredchapman]

It’s Reader Appreciation Day!
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