Google EarthThere is a lot going on lately with the use of dynamic maps online.

Firstly, Google Earth now has a layer for “placemarks” of New York Times articles. A month’s worth of stories at a time will be held for viewing and Google is open for additional partnerships with other news outlets. It is a rich way to experience your news browsing and a great way to combine many of the other layers of Google Earth’s geographically integrated information like YouTube videos and organizations. You can check it out by downloading the most recent version of Google Earth.

Also making news, is the partnership program with Google Earth and the United Nations Refugee Agency that allows for the combination of satellite maps, photos, videos and personal accounts providing an insider’s view of the crises in places like Chad, Iraq, and Darfur. You can read one of the news articles about the partnership here.

In May, our 501 Tech Club brown bag event for Portland will feature a presentation from Roger Burks of Mercy Corps: Connections in Crisis – Around the world, relief agencies are working to bring their clients the tools they need to find their loved ones. From web sites to cell phones to databases, a variety of tactics have been used. Come explore this case study from Mercy Corps whether you have attended a 501 Tech Club event before or not. They are a great place to spend your lunch hour and connect with others in the local nonprofit technology sector. You can join the affinity group online or email me with questions.

Has your organization considered using Google Earth to map its work or changes in the service area? How could you use maps to better tell your organization’s story for you?

Maps in the news
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