Monday was spent on the phone for about 7.5 hours straight.  That wouldn’t have been quite as bad if I was on any kind of phone other than the old-school, standard, office phone.  I thought my ears, inside and out, were going to get up and leave me for putting them through it all!  BUT, it was all worth it!  I was participating via phone and computer screen in the Women Who Tech Telesummit.

Allyson Kapin, co-founder of Rad Campaign, spurred this wonderful day of collaboration of women in the tech industry.  Instead of all meeting face-to-face, taking the day off of work, and flying hundreds of miles to a conference center, hundreds of women signed onto ReadyTalk screens and dialed in from their phones to participate right where they were – some in the office, some on the go, and some from their homes.

Panels were an hour long and participants registered ahead of time for their chosen sessions throughout the day.  These panels covered topics far and wide: from  open source technology adoption to email campaigns, from social capital to mobile activism.

I had the opportunity to help with a few others in the set-up and monitoring of the event’s Twitter account so it could be used as a back-channel of conversation and idea sharing throughout the day.  Some folks were terrific at sharing things they heard or resources mentioned in their session with the broader community via Twitter, including: Rose Vines, Andrea Mercado, Ruby Sinreich, Yesenia Sotelo, and many more!

If you missed the event, don’t fear!  Podcasts and other panel resources will be going up on the site soon.  You can sign up for their mailing list to be sure you hear news and updates on the March 31st recap and future activities.

Other resources from Women Who Tech can be found here. I’m excited to go back through all of my notes and the podcasts to share, learn, and think with all of you!

Did you participate in the Telesummit?  What were your favorite take-aways?

Reflections on Women Who Tech Telesummit
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