Here I am at NTEN‘s NTC in New Orleans. It was a HUMONGOUS hassle trying to get out here as the flights from everywhere were delayed, canceled, and rerouted because of the weather in Texas (the major hub most of us were connecting through), but we all made it and are so excited to be here. Yesterday, was a lot of social gatherings and meeting people in person.

IN PERSON! We are not all, apparently, just 200×200 pixels it turns out. We are humans. 🙂

Some of the wonderful people that I have talked, linked, followed, blogged, twittered, and otherwise been with online that are now three dimensional people in my life include:

Some special notes:

  • Kari was with me for much of my airport woes and we had an awesome time bonding over the lack of sleep and free wifi. But it was still fun!
  • Peter and I have had some great conversations and I’m so glad he was able to make it down from Montreal. I just voted for his mashup and encourage you to check it out and vote, too. I have also voted for others—you can do more than one—so, go vote now! (Voting ends tomorrow!) EDIT: Voting has been extended for the NTEN community until Monday!
  • I am looking forward to many more connections and conversations and all the terrific workshops in the next couple days, so leave a message or connect with me on twitter to help me find you!
NTEN’s NTC: Day 1 lots of humans
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  • Hi Amy, It’s been great hanging out with you. Thanks for mentioning my mashup. Here’s good news. The NTEN community has until Monday at 5PM PST to vote in the competition. NetSquared extended the deadline this afternoon.