Global Voices Advocacy, a group that seeks to build a global anti-censorship network of bloggers and online activists dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and free access to information online, just released a manual (for free!) on how to start blogging for social change.

The guide hopes to inspire and inform by its simple tips and how-tos. It includes examples of advocacy blogs that cover the gamut of goals and causes. You can read more about it on Global Voices blog here.

What is Blog Advocacy?
Blog advocacy is using a blog to fight against an injustice. People use blogs to fight a wide range of injustices, such as wrongful imprisonment, government corruption, rights abuse.

I think that many people have said, “I really do care about an issue or a crisis or an organization’s work but I just don’t have the know-how to be a ‘blogger!'” Well, this guide is for you! There is so much terrific information sifted down to the simple approaches and directions. This is your ticket to squashing those nay-saying thoughts of not knowing how.

For example, one page (appropriately titled, “If you read just one page…read this one!”) describes what every advocacy blog should include:

  • Background info
  • Current updates
  • A clear goal
  • A “get involved” page
  • A contact email

Download the guide and get started blogging for advocacy and social change now!

If you are already doing so, download the guide and do a self-test on things you are already doing and areas that you could improve on!

How to blog for a cause
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  • Thanks for this document Amy! I’m in the middle of a fluid process of figuring out how to make my time valuable to the causes that matter the most to me, and part of this is improving my blogging. This document will certainly help!

  • We are interested in translating this guide into Romanian but I was wondering if you had the word or publisher version of the file. PDF’s are not editable and it’s hard to translate.

    I would be greateful if you could you send the editable version to my email account.

    Thanks and good job!


  • Thanks so much for this post. I wish there was more literature like this out there!

  • Great idea! I am so happy to finally read something on how to use blogging for good.

  • thanks for talking about the guide.

    @ Alex, great to hear that you are interested in translating the guide. If you want a word document of the guide please contact me at advocacy [at] globalvoicesonline [dot] org


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