Beth KanterToday is Beth’s birthday; congratulations on another great year! If you aren’t yet, you should be reading her blog because she offers terrific advice, asks important questions, and ignites great conversations about nonprofits successfully using social media.

For the past month, I have been part of a team of bloggers supporting the Sharing Foundation in America’s Giving Challenge. For Beth’s birthday present, I donated $10 each for my husband and I to the Sharing Foundation via this widget.

America's Giving Challenge - Give now!I hope that you can give Beth the same birthday present (she has been asking for $10 donations all week!) today and in doing so help us get $50,000 for the Sharing Foundation!

Happy Birthday, Beth! Give $10 to the Sharing Foundation for her here!

Happy Birthday, Beth!
  • Hi Amy,

    Thank you so much for this lively birthday blog post! Just love it. I’m on the west coast right now .. working from a horribly slow wi-fi and backed up in saying thanks to everyone. Thanks to all your help and hard work, we’re on the leaderboard in the top four! Yeah!

    I am so blessed to have supportive colleagues like you! Thank you