Lisa McNeill, over at the Ignite Social Media blog, posted great list of five steps to get over the cold feet you may have about social media marketing. Her list includes:

  • Set up and RSS Feed Reader and Subscribe to Feeds
  • Start Twittering
  • Start Studying
  • Start Filtering
  • Start Social Bookmarking

My favorite part of the five steps is the emphasis on learning and listening. Social media tools are really great BECAUSE of the opportunity to hear from and learn from your community and the larger community you probably didn’t realize you had.

So, warm up those feet and jump right in! Have you already checked of some of these steps? Which ones did you do first?

Do you have cold feet for social media?
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  • lm51796

    Thanks Amy! I look forward to reading more of your background in nonprofit and how social media is evolving in that arena!

    Keep in touch,