Have you been following and participating in America’s Giving Challenge brought by the Case Foundation and Causes.

Recently, Razoo (a community united around making a positive difference in the world. Where passions are connected with actions, showing us that when connected, our small contributions add up to a big impact) talked with the Case Foundation to learn more about the Giving Challenge. Here is one of the responses:

How has technology changed the face of giving? As it has done in many areas, technology changes the relationships between people and between the information and resources they need to take action. In the area of giving, all the activity we are seeing is still nascent. People are still learning what the technology can do for them and what they can do with the technology. Still, it’s very clear that people, especially younger people, are ready to embrace these technologies not just as ways to socialize or entertain but as tools to affect the change they wish to see and as a forum for discussion and action.

Read the interview here and let me know what you think!

Razoo: Case Foundation interview
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