This year, the holiday season is upon us with myriad options for giving in a good way without the hustle and bustle, and sometimes jostle, of shopping in the stores. Online fundraising sites have made it easy for people to donate to charities and many organizations have holiday giving that includes special certificates or gifts for those you have donated for.

Network for Good has a unique approach to all of the holiday gift donations: the Good Card.

The Good Card is like giving a gift certificate to Whole Foods, or whichever grocery store you like to visit. There are many great things to choose from and you may not usually treat yourself to spending money on more expensive, organic, or specialty foods. But with a gift card, you have all the selection AND it’s already been paid for. The Good Card lets the recipient choose the organization they would like to support without having to set aside their own funds to do so.

It takes out the grudges people hold for receiving certificates indicating money was donated in their name to an organization they don’t know or don’t want to support and keeps the good will in tact!

Check out Network for Good’s Good Card and get some holiday shopping out of the way!

Beth posts a great compilation of ideas about encouraging philanthropy with children as this is a pretty perfect time of year to shed light on the importance of giving.

Have you provided donations to charities as gifts in the past? Do you think a system like the Good Card will bring more people to the donation-as-gift arena? Do you think the Good Card or other holiday donation activities are a good way to involve your children in giving?

What are you putting in stockings this year?
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