As TechCrunch and others are reporting, launched a service for nonprofits to create their own branded social networks.

These networks are built to include many of the features nonprofits want, including: pages for fundraising, news, events and project updates, fundraising widgets, posting photos and videos, blogs, forums, and even Facebook integration (if the Facebook application of is added).

Organizations like CARE, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and Humane Society of the United States have already established their networks in As you can see by looking at one of these organization’s profiles, supporting the group by joining, spreading the word, or donating funds is visible and easy. Nonprofits can redesign the pages to fit with their existing logo, colors, branding, and website.

I really like that is evolving from a place where individuals can connect on issues, causes, and politics into an even more engaged user base directly involved with nonprofits in a more meaningful way. What do you think?

Does your organization have a network on You can sign up here.

Want your own social network?
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  • What an interesting find. sounds like my style, grassroots activism to overthrow all domination systems.

    Will check it out. Thanks.